Home Design Trends to Look Out For in 2021

As we enter a new year, it’s hard to predict how home design will respond to the upheaval of 2020. What we can predict, however, is a massive change in lifestyle and priorities, which will undoubtedly shape home design trends in 2021. 

Being locked down for the majority of 2020 has demonstrated the importance of comfort and outdoor access at home, and we expect this to impact the style and feel of homes in the future. We also expect an increase in home offices, as many businesses transition to more permanent remote working operations.  

Keep reading to discover the key 2021 home design trends you should be looking out for…

The reign of the home office 

Put your hand up if you spent most of 2020 trying but failing to get work done in your living room!? Even though the pandemic is now largely under control in Australia, many businesses have seen the benefits of remote or flexible working conditions and are making the shift to full- or part-time work from home. 

There are so many benefits to this move, particularly for young parents, however its success relies on people having a productive and dedicated workspace. Enter – the home office. We’re expecting to see many custom homes in 2021 include an office space designed exclusively for working from home. 

In the past, custom homes have included study nooks or rooms, however a dedicated office is different. Expect to see things like customised cabinetry, in-built desks, high speed internet access, ergonomic furniture, natural and task lighting, and access to multiple power and USB outlets.

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Au naturel

Daily walks and outdoor exercise were two the most important tools for getting through lockdown in 2020 – even in rural Victoria it was vital to have easy access to the great outdoors. 

As we enter post-lockdown life, the importance of the outdoors and having a strong connection with nature will remain important. We expect that custom homes design will continue to incorporate elements like timber and stone in a way that celebrates and showcases the natural environment. We’re predicting rustic or dark timber cabinetry, stone benchtops and outdoor living areas will remain popular well into 2021.

We also believe that clients will prioritise spacious outdoor areas in new home builds and opt for designs that bring the outdoors in – whether it be through large windows, bi-folding doors or comprehensive alfresco kitchen designs.

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Bold colours

Say goodbye to muted tones and monochrome. In 2021, with our wellbeing on our mind, custom home design will be full of bright, uplifting and calming colours like yellow, blue, green and pinks. This will be manifested through elements like feature walls or eclectic furnishings. 

Pantone recently announced its colour of the year for 2021, which supports this prediction. In an unusual move, two colours were chosen by the Pantone Color Institute – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. We’re particularly big fans of Illuminating, a bright and positive yellow, which, according to Pantone, “encapsulates deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the promise of something sunny and friendly.”

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Rustic style 

After the year that was, many clients are now approaching our team with a desire for cosy, quaint and supremely comfortable homes. Already we’ve seen a rise in country-style homes with exposed beams, timber panelling, open fireplaces, natural colour palettes, oversized couches and plenty of elegant antique touches all being showcased.

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