Custom Design with a Difference. Q&A with Arei Designs

Designing a brand new custom home from scratch can be overwhelming at best. After 15 years in the home building industry, we realised this was a massive pain point for many of our clients. 

That’s why we decided to partner with the multi-award-winning Arei Designs, to offer our clients a range of 100+ pre-designed house plans. These plans can be fully customised allowing for the creation of bespoke high-end custom homes, without unnecessary stress.

To learn more about Arei Designs and the process behind crafting a high-end floorplan, we spoke to one of the company’s founders and directors Natasha Wiltshire recently. Keep reading to hear what she had to say.

Crown Constructions: What’s the most important element of designing a functional high-end floor plan?

Natasha Wiltshire: It starts with understanding your client’s requirements, needs and wants, as well as how they live on a daily basis, the psychology behind their decision making and the style of home they’re inspired by – be it mid-century or rustic modern.

Then it comes down to knowing the site, understanding the views, orientation, privacy, prevailing breezes and any slopes. Council restrictions, setbacks and covenant requirements all come next. Whether it’s a standard design or a high-end luxury home, the design process is the same. 

Crown Constructions: What do your most popular floor plans include?

Natasha Wiltshire: This varies greatly, as per above factors, but we find the majority of clients opt for single-storey brick homes with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and two car spaces – these are usually around 250m². 

Crown Constructions: How can your plans be customised? 

Natasha Wiltshire: Any way the client likes. We are not like project builders with limited changes – we are first and foremost custom designers, so depending on a clients’ requirements, needs and wants, anything is possible!

Crown Constructions: What sets AREI floorplans apart and what inspires each plan?

Natasha Wiltshire: We offer multiple versions of the same floorplans. Most series will have five different floorplan variations with an option of three rendered façades.

We try to channel how our potential clients would like to live on a daily basis within their completed homes, so the design is functional, liveable and, above all, family friendly.

Crown Constructions: How important are materials when it comes to high-end custom homes? 

Natasha Wiltshire: When designing a luxury home, we will create a look that we think meets all of the clients’ requirements and then find materials to suit that design. We don’t generally consider materials at the beginning of the process as this can pose a hinderance, but once we have some ideas down around the direction of the design, materials will form an integral part of the final product.


Explore our exclusive range of AREI-designed homes on our website. If you’re ready to turn one of these designs into your new custom home, get in touch with Matt and Shane today.