Why it Pays to Choose Custom

A custom build delivers a dream home that captures your lifestyle vision, with the help of a specialist team focused on details, quality, and personalised perfection.

As North East Victoria’s most trusted custom home builders, we know the possibility of a slightly higher budget may be a common concern. But once the benefits are clear, and our ability to work within your budget is clarified, the payoff of choosing a custom build is enormous.

Should I build a custom home?

Are you looking for a build that will prioritise your requirements? If so, the answer is yes. A volume builder is focused on producing a large amount of homes, each chosen from ready-made designs. A custom build is different.

At Crown Building & Construction you have the option of choosing from our available designs or having a custom design created by our team. The goal is to smoothly and successfully incorporate specific home features that you love into a cohesive design that will serve you for years.

Custom builds offer complete transparency

While a volume build has an upfront budget, requested design changes may not be possible, or very pricey. The same applies to fittings and fixtures. You may risk blowing your budget or facing disappointment when trying for custom build practices in a volume build project.

As custom builders, we emphasise transparency on every level, including budget. Our fixed price quotes clearly explain all costs, and our team will always be happy to answer client queries. Because we’re in constant contact with clients, every step is taken with complete clarity – making for a stress-free process for you.

The power of a small, expert team

A volume builder normally deals with a large number of clientele. Custom builders prefer a working model that caps the yearly number of dream home builds. At Crown Building & Construction we strive to treat each project as a priority build.

A custom build is about superior personalised customer service. To us, you’re not a number. We offer a single point of contact, and the reduced stress that comes from trusting in a company with a distinguished reputation. Most importantly, we’re here to guide you closely through the process, offering key expert advice along the way.

The local touch matters

Our work practice in North East Victoria includes sourcing superior materials at affordable prices from local suppliers where possible, working with a select team of incredible trades people, and having regular contact with council and community.

Crown Building & Construction believe in creating long-term comfort through custom builds. To facilitate restful daily living, we may recommend design elements or choices based on our experience of the local environment.

Custom builders adapt and excel

Volume builds are often package deals that predetermine the fittings and fixtures available. At Crown Building & Construction we have nominated suppliers, but we can explore collaborating with other suppliers per your request.

At the heart of a custom build is the client. Reputation is important to our professional pride, and integral to future business. Every custom build project must be outstanding to maintain that highly regarded local presence – and above all, to offer you a beautiful home that will meet your needs for years to come.

You can trust us

A custom build involves communicating with the client at every stage. We send regular footage and photo updates, and client on-site visits are easily organised. You can rest assured that the Crown Building & Construction team are there for you during your home build journey.

With a quarter of a century of combined industry experience, the Crown Building & Construction team guarantee brilliant custom builds. Send us a message, and our team will help you begin planning that beautiful new home.