What to Know When Building a River Frontage Home

There’s nothing quite like building a brand-new home on a block of land that offers stunning river views. A river is an incredible natural wonder that will add a touch of tranquillity and calm to any home, but unlike a more traditional block of land, a river-frontage home comes with its own set of specific challenges and requirements.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about building a river-frontage home.

Start with a land survey

While a pocket of land may look perfect for your dream home, it’s not always viable – particularly if located near a river. River-frontage properties may be damper than landlocked blocks, which could mean that the soil isn’t able to withstand your build, or that extensive land and foundational work is required to support your home. Oftentimes this pre-construction work falls well out of a client’s budget, which means it is not an option.

Before you consider purchasing a site near a river, make sure you first speak to a site surveyor. They will be able to undertake a range of geological and soil tests to ensure the land is suitable for your specific project.

Understand the cost involved

Building a river-frontage home can mean additional fees, especially if the river makes it challenging for tradespeople and trucks to access to the property. If your block is sloping or the house is being built very close to the river, you may need to build up, or create a split-level design to mitigate the risk of flood damage in extreme weather conditions. Naturally, this will cost more than a simple build on a flat block.

Capitalise on the views

If you’re building near a river, make the most of it! Work closely with a builder who offers a Design & Build service to create a home includes plenty of windows, glass doors and balconies. Maximise your views of the river by carefully orientating your home towards the water, investing in wide, double-glazed windows and opting for a spacious design that opens up to the outdoors.

Be across local laws and regulations

Depending on where you’re located and your local council, building near a river can mean additional approvals or restrictions. A builder who has experience in river-frontage builds will be able to guide you through this process and ensure your home is being built in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Choose an experienced builder

With many potential challenges and specific requirements, it’s essential that you choose an experienced builder for a river-frontage home. Before signing a contract, make sure you do your research online and on social media to find an experienced builder for your project. Here, you’ll also be able to view their completed river-frontage homes, read testimonials and get a sense of the services they offer.

You’ll may also be able to reach out to past clients and talk to them about their experience with the builder. This is especially important when building a river-frontage home, as they will be able to explain how their builder approached the project.


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