How To Maximise An Acreage Block

Owning acreage is the dream of many nature lovers. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to sweeping views and birdsong, and breathe in the fresh air? While a large block of land can be idyllic, there are several factors to consider when investing in an acreage home, such as location (suburban or regional area), size constraints, permits, availability of services, connection issues and environmental concerns.

At Crown Constructions, our design & build team are here to streamline the process for you, helping you make informed decisions regarding your acreage home so you can achieve exceptional results.

With every step of the design and construction process conducted in-house, our expert team has the knowledge, skills and experience to create and build your dream country home.

Here are some of the most important details to consider when planning a build on an acreage block.

Planning permission

The first step begins before your build – you’ll need to know all specific rules and regulations around town planning in your location. Each country town and suburb have unique procedures for seeking building permission with regards to approving or rejecting proposals, so you need to be aware of the planning process specific to your region prior to starting the build.

Size isn’t everything

While a sprawling acre block serves a specific function for many homeowners, it’s important to think logically about what a practical size for you and your family looks like. Consider whether there’s an agricultural reason for larger acreage; the level of maintenance and upkeep involved that’s realistic for you; and whether the block will integrate easily with your lifestyle. It may be tempting to secure as many acres as possible for the views, air quality, privacy and beautiful scenery, but a more modest acreage can be just as desirable while still providing a picturesque site for your home.

And when it comes to the home itself, you’ll need to consider whether maintaining a multi-storey home is right for you, or if a more compact home better fits your needs.

Stairs aren’t necessary

Homeowners building on a small plot are often advised to incorporate a second storey into their build, but the opposite logic applies to large blocks of land. Whereas smaller plots lack ample room for separate outdoor areas, acreage blocks have the space to create multiple outdoor living and entertaining areas to suit your lifestyle needs.

A cosier, single-storey home complements an acreage block and can accommodate every stage of your life, particularly as you grow older. And your home can offer the flexibility between entertaining loved ones and retreating to separate, quiet spaces.

At Crown Constructions, we’re experts at building custom country homes, and we have plenty of experience servicing homeowners across Victoria. We know how to tailor the build to your needs and specifications, making sure to make the most of the space available – meaning your family can enjoy separate areas to relax and socialise in, even within a regular sized home.

Go big or go home

A home built on an expansive acreage block isn’t bound to the same constraints and norms as homes on more compact plots of land. While homes with neighbours nearby require more privacy and reservation, building in a remote area comes with freedoms not afforded to those building in densely packed locations. Adding personal touches to your build is easy, allowing you to let in natural light and ignore the entrance design standards of populated areas. This leaves more room for experimentation and creativity, so don’t be afraid to make a statement and customise your home to your heart’s content.

Environmental concerns

When it comes to acreage blocks, there are guidelines to consider such as the environment your build resides in. As an acreage block constitutes a large part of the natural landscape, it’s crucial to think about the weather conditions –  including flood or fire risks – the area may be prone to. This way you will understand how best to prepare and manage your land throughout the seasons, as well as make informed decisions about the best materials to use to suit all weather elements and blend with the surrounding countryside. We would also advise checking the wind rating in your region so that you’ll be aware of any risks before constructing the house.

Proximity of the acreage to your home

When designing your home, you will want to make sure the site is accessible; this is especially relevant if your acreage is being used for agricultural or farming work. And there are other practicalities to consider. Will you realistically move about from your home to the land to your car? Or will the journey be exhausting and impractical? This will be pertinent to the design and construction of your country home, and at Crown Constructions, we’re well equipped to help you position your build to maximise the benefits of your acreage.

Soak up the sun

Sun is vital to our well-being and overall happiness. That’s why we recommend taking advantage of the natural sunlight and charming surroundings available to your property. Depending on whether you’re in an arid or wet location, you’ll also want to allow a breeze into your home, and ensure shady areas are scattered around the block of land.

Reception and coverage

Connecting to the internet and mobile services can present challenges for remote blocks, and this can also drive costs up, so it’s something to consider when opting for a regional block of land. Other amenities to keep in mind include health and postal services, so it’s a good idea to look into the finer details before settling on a plot.

Creating a sustainable home

Energy, waste and sanitation services can also be difficult to access on rural properties, so it’s wise to invest in water tanks, a septic system and gas cylinders to ensure you have all the practical utilities you need.

Design and build your acreage home

There are a few considerations when choosing acreage and building your new home. At Crown Constructions, we’re here to keep you informed about any challenges and provide the best outcome for you and your family. Our expert team is here to help you stay on budget, which is pertinent to a complex build such as this. Above all else, we put your needs at the forefront of the build, so that your land and home can function harmoniously and give you a home you’ll love living in for the long term.