How To Take Advantage Of A Sloping Block

Whilst building on a sloping block can bring unique challenges, there are also many ways to make a sloping site work to your advantage in creating a truly custom home you’ll love.

Experienced builders, like our team here at Crown Building & Construction, can help you make the most of your sloping block with design and builds that respond to your individual needs.

Here are the top ways you can make the most of a sloping block.

Create a truly unique design

The beauty of a sloping block is that it offers the opportunity to create a unique custom home unlike any other. Your home design could be split-level, or you can choose a stunning suspended slab design to create extra living space underneath.

Something to keep in mind is that if your site has a fall of more than three metres, you’ll likely need the help of a specialist builder experienced in working with sloping blocks.

Make the most of elevated views

Many sloping blocks feature elevated positions from which to enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding area. With thoughtful design, your home can be built to make the most of these stunning vistas.

Rooftop terraces, balconies, layered gardens and a pool with a view will make outdoor living a dream; and inside, expansive windows to take in in natural light and amazing views, and tiered storeys for flowing living spaces provide the ultimate stage for your block’s natural features.

With the right builder and designer on board, the opportunities are almost endless.

Be clear on the risks

Naturally, there are some risks to consider before purchasing a sloping block.

Whilst sloping blocks can be more affordable, the build cost can be 10-20% more compared with a flat block depending on the block and design.

It’s also important to consider how the block will accommodate your lifestyle. For example, do you need a children’s play area? Where will you park your car? Do you need to incorporate safety barriers?

Overall, sloping blocks present many unique and creative opportunities to build a home that is like no other.

If you’re looking for an experienced sloping block builder, we’d love to talk with you. Get in touch with Crown Building & Construction today.