Quality vs Price; Why Your Builder Charges For A Quote

Trying to choose the right builder for you often means paying a small fee for a quote. And while this may come across as bold, locking in a quote in the early stages of the building process can save your future self a lot of trouble. 

A quote is a detailed financial plan for a build that, when executed properly, can help avoid unnecessary changes, delays and cost blowouts.

Take us for example.

At Crown Building & Construction, one of the early steps in our building process includes a quote for a small fee. We use our decades of experience to offer insight into what design is most compatible with your lifestyle and budget. We can create something entirely custom or work off one of our pre-designed homes. And, if you’re new to the area, we can tell you what materials and designs work best for the local weather conditions.

Depending on the scope of the build, a thorough quote can take weeks to complete. That’s why we and many other quality builders charge when a full plan document package is provided to us.

Quality over price

The right builder always puts the highest level of quality and attention into everything they do, including quotes. They won’t compromise their standards in order to win you over with free offers or low prices.

A builder’s quote can include the cost of labour, materials and compliance requirements, which can end up being 15 or more pages long.

For large or more complex projects, your builder may need to work with specialists or consultants to help correctly pull together a quote for clients. This is because a thorough quote takes time to properly prepare and document. 

Future-proofing the process

If a builder has quoted you incorrectly and you sign a contract with them, this can cause a major headache for everyone involved.

In some cases, this may take the form of realising there’s not enough money. If this happens, the builder might make the decision to take a loss from their profit. Or, they could finish the build cheaply, or not pay their tradies.

None of these options is ideal for everyone involved.

A cheap finish could lead to client disputes over poorly built homes, or a project could stall because money has dried up. We’ve all heard these horror stories before. 

And for every job a builder signs, they may quote for a handful more. So to ensure every potential client receives a detailed and fair plan, builders require a small fee for the time we spend accurately quoting a project.

This minimises the risk of problems for builders, their teams, and you. It can be the difference between smooth sailing and choppy waters.

Keeping you informed

At Crown Constructions, we’re here to keep you informed about the building process and what that means for you. There are no nasty hidden costs with us – just what is required to deliver the best results for you.

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