Crown Creations


Although we’re happy to assist you with the complete Design & Build process, sometimes it’s convenient to have a base to work from. With such a diverse array of meticulously crafted floorplans, you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your needs. Whether it be the spacious, family-friendly charm of the Cardinia or the stylish layout of the Hamlyn, our ready-to-go Crown Creations make building your family home so much easier.

Pre Priced

We have a range of over 200 different plan designs suited to all different block shapes, sizes and budgets. We can customise those plans to suit your family and lifestyle needs. Choosing one of our pre-designed plans is a fast and efficient way of building a new home if you know you want to build but don’t know what you want. Our plans have been carefully designed and factor in many different styles of living.

Golf Course

Embark on a life of leisure with one of our fantastic Golf Course Plans. Tailored to make the most of life on the stunning Waldara Golf Estate and Sillverwood’s Estate Yarrawonga, these ranges of house plans come with beautiful views, double-glazed windows and an abundant outdoor area where you can soak in the surrounds. For a lifestyle change that will be the envy of family and friends alike, talk to the experts at Crown about your Golf Course Plan options today.


For those lucky enough to own land on the waterfront, the River design is the perfect option for a home that is both functional and opulent. Designed specifically for blocks backing onto water, this is a very popular choice for clients located on the peaceful Murray River or the gorgeous Lake Mulwala. This architecturally stunning design can be transformed into either a fantastic holiday home or a stylish family abode that makes every day feel like a getaway.