At Crown Building & Construction, we understand how confusing and overwhelming the building process can be for clients, especially when it’s their first time building a home. That is why we offer a simple step-by-step process that makes building a home as easy and stress-free as possible.

Consultation Phase

First, we’ll meet with you to discuss your project and ask you some detailed questions about your vision, what you’re hoping to achieve and the essentials that need to be included in the final home.

If you’re already armed with plans, we will make an assessment on your plans and if they are ready for quoting we can launch into the quoting phase for a small fee, we can apply our decades of experience to offer insight into what design is best for your lifestyle and budget. We can create something entirely custom or appropriated from one of our hundreds of pre-designed luxury homes.

If you’re new to the area, we’ll also be able to tell you what materials and designs are best suited to the local weather conditions.

Site Assessment

With no charges to you, we take a look at your site either in person or online and make a preliminary assessment. This will allow us to determine if your site poses any building challenges and will give us a clearer picture on what can be achieved within your budget and timeframe.

Plan Agreement

At this part of the process we will conduct a site survey and create a concept design based on your ideas. This part can involve a bit of back-and-forth, as we tailor the design to your exact specifications. We’ll also be able to provide a cost estimate of your project. This is all completed for a set fee. If you’re happy with the work done by us so far, we will move onto creating and finalising the home design.

Preliminary Agreement

Once we’ve talked through your ideas and agreed on the approach and materials, we’ll ask you to sign a preliminary agreement which includes the next lot of fees, this allows us to finalise plans for construction. This stage will also see us conduct soil testing, engineering, a BAL report, energy report, legal point of discharge and finally provide you with a fixed price quote.

There are no nasty hidden costs with the team at Crown. Once a design has been agreed upon, we offer a detailed cost analysis that allows every item to be accurately priced including all fixtures and fittings. This will ensure your budget remains intact. Once you’ve agreed to the fixed price quote, we’ll sign building contracts and apply for a building permit.


During the downtime of your building permit arriving, it’s time to complete the selections for your luxury new home. This is where you will select all your fixtures, fittings and colours from our nominated suppliers. If there are specific suppliers you would like to work with, our team is open to collaboration with these parties. Once selections and colours have been finalised and signed off, we are ready to bring your dream home to life.

The Build Begins

We pride ourselves on our open communication with our clients throughout the build. Once we’re on site, we’ll keep you updated with each bit of progress. We’ll send you photographs and videos and organise plenty of on-site visits so you can see how the home is shaping up.

Completion and Maintenance

Our involvement doesn’t stop once we’ve handed over the keys. We’ll ensure your home remains exceptional for years to come through our 10-point guarantee.